This privacy policy oversees the approach using which collects, utilizes, stores and releases any information which is collected from the users interacting with this website.


User can freely browse our website anonymously without revealing any personal information such as Name, email, mobile number, Physical Address, Age, and Sex etc. However, When the user interacts with our website by registering on our site, posting comments, purchasing our products/services, sending us email or joining our newsletter, the user will be prompted to enter their name, email and any other necessary information which is mandatory for completing that particular action.


Our website may capture NPI about the user/s whenever the person interacts with our site NPI is merely the information restricted to the browsing device that the person uses to access our website, for instance, browser details, IP address, Device address and other technical information.


We do not store your credit card or PayPal details. All Online Payments are processed using Secured 3rd Party Payment Gateways.


A cookie is a simple text-based code that the website passes on to the web browser of the user device when the user interacts with our website. This cookie text file is provisionally stored in the user’s browser by the website’s server with constrained access to 3rd party/s. Cookies help the user/s to steer between web pages easily as they store users’ preferences, and helps in enhancing the user experience of a website. may use following types of cookies to improve the user experience and communication with our website:

User can set their browser to reject and store the cookies. If the user set their browser preferences to refuse cookies, our website may not function properly on that browsing device.


User may find advertisements of our services, products or the website on other websites that they visit frequently. Some of these ads may be delivered by Google Ad words, Facebook Partner Network or other 3rd party advertising services providers who cater remarketing and retargeting services. Remarketing advertising employ dart cookies to serve these ads to the user based on their visit to our website and other websites on the internet. These cookies are designed to only track “non personal identification information” and are unable to track “personal identification information”. User can control cookies preferences from their browser setting.


User may find advertisements on our website. Some of These ads are served by Google Ad sense. These ads links to 3rd party websites, which mean if you click these ads you will be redirected to another website. We do not control the content or the legal policies of those websites.


User may find 3rd party links on our website including but not limited to Affiliate Links, social media, sponsors, advertisers and payment gateway providers. These 3rd party links redirect to different websites which are not controlled by us. These websites have their own privacy policy.


We take data protection and user privacy very seriously. All user data is stored on secured servers with restricted access to authorized personnel. None of the stored data is sold to 3rd party; however we may share the user data with our marketing partners who help us with our marketing activities.

All the information you send via e-mail is stored and utilized in compliance with the applicable Government law.


We respect your email privacy, below are the rules which we follow:

We collect your email address in order to: